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We Ride For The Fun of it!

What is Authority Stunts: We are a fully insured Freestyle Sport Bike Stunt Team. We do events of all types. Some examples would be Dealership open houses, various event rides, weekend long race track events, Bar events, religious events, church events, charity events, city gathering/event, we have even done a stunt show at a wedding. The possibilities for events are endless and we love to do as many as we can.

We are the full and complete deal. When you have an event let us know we can help out with the event as well. We bring more to the table than just the stunt show riding. We have full DJ and announcing equipment. The bus is a rolling billboard in which can be placed wherever you want to draw more attention to the event. We would like you to provide some sort of fencing or barricading but if that is not an option we bring our own as well. Not to mention our actual exhibition riding is fulling insured, so you wont have to worry if something were to happen with our riding expo.

Where: We are based out of the Twin Cities, MN. We travel to your location with our team toy-hauler bus. Its a school bus that has been converted to a full custom toy hauler. It holds all our bikes and all our gear.


Above; The Toy- Hauler Bus


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